Creamy Hot Chocolate Tea

Creamy Hot Chocolate Tea

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We have found the the answer to a caffeine free, sugar free, dairy free (unless you add milk), minimal calorie, vegan friendly, smooth & creamy hot chocolate tea!! You my friends are welcome.

Using 100% Cacao husk (nothing else added) this is amazing as a diet alternative or just because you are a tea addict like us. We are this will be your next favourite Herbal & Herbs staple.

How do I use this deliciousness? 

Simply brew 2 teaspoons of this deliciousness into boiling water for 4-5 minutes (this depends on how much flavour you would like, if you would like it rich simply steep for the full 5 minutes). Add milk/milk alternative or sugar/sugar alternative if desired and sit back to enjoy. 

Then jump onto the website and leave your 5 star review because we are sure that you will love it that much!

Caffeine free, suitable for pregnancy & the whole family.


100% Organic Cacao Husk