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Our organic herbal speciality blends were formulated with health issues in mind. All our blends have been trialled with fabulous results. Using only the finest organic herbal ingredients, our teas are smooth and a pleasure to drink.

Please ensure you speak with your doctor or pharmacist before starting any herbal remedies.


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  • Organic Lunatic B#tch Tea – PMS Blend

  • Organic Lymphie-Tea

  • Organic Make U Go Wee Tea – UTI

  • Organic Making Babies Tea Blend – Fertility

  • Organic Rejuvenate Yourself Tea Blend

  • Organic Sweet Dreams Tea – Insomnia Blend

  • Organic TEA-se Me Blend – Sexy Time

  • Organic The Hangover Tea Blend

  • Organic Uplifting Energy Blend – Energy Boost

  • Organic Winter Warrior Tea Blend

  • Sample Tea Box

  • Single Tea Samples

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