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Black Sage Smudge Sticks


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Black sage is used to encourage dreaming & visions.

Known as a herb of inner healing this is the perfect herb to burn right before bed as it will promote tranquil healing sleep & pleasant dreams.

Black sage is also a brilliant herb to burn when needing to cleanse negative energies from ones space.

How do I smudge my home? There are many different versions of smudging and its really up to the person and their beliefs. We personally will close all windows & doors within the premises then starting from the front entrance we will walk around the premises using a painting motion waving the smudge smoke up and down the walls (making sure to get up into the corners). Following the walls around, walk into rooms and using the same instruction walk around following the wall using the painting motion.

Once you have completed the premises and you are back to the front door (ensure you also go through your garage) wait 5-10 mins and go through to open all the doors and windows. It is always recommended to follow up the process with your witches salt. Please note that Sage is not suitable for all energies and some energies require additional herbs and/or cleansing expertise.

How do I smudge my crystals? Simply light the smudge stick and holding your crystal put it into the smoke making sure all areas of the crystal have been covered.

Ingredients: Black Sage

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