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Creamy Hot Chocolate Tea

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We have found the the answer to a caffeine free, sugar free, dairy free (unless you add milk), minimal calorie, vegan friendly, smooth & creamy hot chocolate tea!! You my friends are welcome.

Using 100% Cacao husk (nothing else added) this is amazing as a diet alternative or just because you are a tea addict like us. We are this will be your next favourite Herbal & Herbs staple.

How do I use this deliciousness?

Simply brew 2 teaspoons of this deliciousness into boiling water for 4-5 minutes (this depends on how much flavour you would like, if you would like it rich simply steep for the full 5 minutes). Add milk/milk alternative or sugar/sugar alternative if desired and sit back to enjoy.

Then jump onto the website and leave your 5 star review because we are sure that you will love it that much!

Caffeine free, suitable for pregnancy & the whole family.

Pregnancy Safe – Whilst this product is deemed pregnancy safe please ensure you always speak with your midwife, doctor or pharmacist before using any natural product including tea blends & herbal blends. This advice is general information and should not be relied upon without the consent of your medial team.


100% Organic Cacao Husk


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12 reviews for Creamy Hot Chocolate Tea

  1. Melissa Hunt

    I am in love with this tea… When you open it up, it smells like NesQuick chocolate powder. When you are drinking it, it is so smooth and creamy like you are actually drinking chocolate without all the repercussions of breaking your diet or medical boundaries (Hubby is diabetic). Highly recommend for those that want that chocolate hit, but don’t want everything else along with it, and its perfect for the little ones too, as they don’t get that sugar rush high.

  2. Amy Cummings

    Was pleasantly surprised it really does taste like chocolate and its great for curbing those unhealthy foods at night. Love that I can have hot chocolate without the calories and fat

  3. Simone Riviere

    A true winner with my whole family but in particular with my 5yr old who told me, “I love this hot chocolate as much as I love you Mum”.

  4. Aimee Wilson

    yum yum yum

  5. Nat Goodwin

    Even better than I thought it would be! A delicious treat !

  6. Jacqueline Clark

    Hot chocolate without the calories this tea is so yummy it’s now on my must buy always list

  7. Punawai Makamaka

    Tried this tonight with my daughter instead of our usual hot chocolate. We found it very nice! Tasty and doesn’t have the creamy feel that normal Hot chocolate leaves. Definitely would buy again.

  8. Elisa Kupresanin (verified owner)

    I used to drink this tea as a child in South America and since living in Australia I have never found it, you can imagine how excited I was when I heard H&H had this tea – OMG it was wonderful and just how I remembered it!

  9. Alexandra Pisch

    Oh my goodness, this tea is amazing! Add a dash of milk and you truly can’t tell the difference between it and a hot chocolate. We have 3 different types of chocolate drink in our house, and now this tea. My 11yr hasn’t touched the others since he tried this tea, he loves it!

  10. Sharron Devine

    I’m really enjoying my creamy chocolate tea. I’ve found that I only need to use a small amount otherwise it can be bitter. The smell is delicious. I do add a little sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth but don’t add milk.

  11. Julie Hadfield

    Absolutely love this Tea, if you just want a little hint of chocolate it’s amazing

  12. Katie Woodberry

    this tea is amazing I love it and it is the healthy way having a hot chocolate ,,

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