Kick A$$ Love & Acceptance Spray


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Everyone deserves pure self love & acceptance and unfortunately this is what is missing in our world today. With conditioning, violence & the power of other peoples opinions we are missing out on what we deserve the most and that is loving & acceptance of ones self.

Our Kick A$$ Love & Acceptance Spray contains the power of pure essential oils that are known to promote the feeling of love & acceptance. We also include crystals to add extra loving oomph!

Our love & acceptance spray contains essential oils such as;

Bergamot is a oil of self acceptance. When feeling down and blue this magical oil awakens the mind & soul to offer hope, courage & acceptance of ones self.

Grapefruit is bright & bubbly! This essential oil brings about happiness with ones self & motivation.

Patchouli is a oil of self confidence & strength. It provides peace within ones mind and brings about the feeling of acceptance of what is.

Ylang Ylang is pure love & light. This essential oil brings calmness & balance, is particularly good to stabilise emotions.

Geranium is known as the oil of trust & love. This oil is known as a “emotional healer”.

We have also included the following crystals to bring extra kick to our spray;

Rose Quartz opens the heart and allows one to love themselves & others.

Moonstone soothes worry & anxiety and assists in the acceptance of love.

Lapis Lazuli brings about inner truth, inner power, love, purification, self confidence, manifestation & purification.

Clear Quartz is added to bring extra oomph to the crystals we add into our mixes.


Do not use during pregnancy, keep our of reach of children.


Aqua, Witch Hazel, Bergamot essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil, Patchouli essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil,Geranium essential oil rose quarts crystal chips, clear quartz, Lapis Lazuli chips, moonstone chips & Magic.


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