Organic Calming Tea Blend – Calming & Relaxing


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Our calming & relaxing tea blend is the perfect combination to enjoy late in the afternoon or anytime you need to chill & relax.

Our Calmin tea combines an amazing array of herbs such as

Chaste Tree Berry has been shown to help balance the progesterone and estrogen levels. This is why it has been referred to as a “female” herb.

Chamomile is known to promote sleep, chamomile can also boost immunity, reduce stress, and can also soothe stomach aches.

Lemon Verbena the fascinating health benefits of lemon verbena include its ability to protect muscles, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, calm the stomach, reduce fevers, soothe nerves, and clear up congestion. It is also popularly used for weight loss

Limetree flowers helps relieve anxiety and inflammation, this beautiful herb is also a wonderful detoxifier.

Raspberry leaf boasts a number of health benefits, including increasing fertility in women, boosting the immune system, protecting the heart, decreasing inflammation, supporting a faster metabolism, regulating hormones, and preventing nausea and other gastrointestinal issues.

Vervain is used by herbalists for millennia to combat depression and mood swings, Vervain is a deeply penetrating nervine that soothes and sedates the nervous system.

Caffeine Free – Not recommended for pregnancy


Organic Chaste Tree Berry, Organic Chamomile, Organic Lemon Verbena, Organic Limetree Flowers, Organic Raspberry Leaf, Organic Vervain

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50g, 100g (2 x 50g Bags), 150g (3 x 50g Bags)

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