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Protection Ritual Loose Herbal Incense


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Our powerful protection blend contains:

Angelica is a very powerful protection herb. This herb is known to protect against negative energy & attract more positive energy to ones space.

White Willow Bark brings protection & guards against negativity.

Rosemary is known for purification, removing negative energies & protecting ones space.

Lavender is a energy purifier that will release & cleanse to create balance  Please note if you have a issue using lavender simply let us know and we can remove this herb as a special order.

Sage is known to remove negative energy & promote spiritual healing.

Frankincense lifts the positive vibration & drives negativity away.

Cumin protects ones home, belongings & possessions.

When would one use this blend? This blend has been created for when you are feeling like your needing extra protection & clearing. This could be due to unwanted energies from both living & past that are making you uncomfortable.

How to use : Simply place the herbs in a ceramic dish follow instructions as received.

Our bags contain pure intention, energy, organic herbs, petals & resins that will assist you with bringing harmony back into your life. Whether you are looking to protect, ground or find love our herbs will help! This blend is not designed for consumption & not to be taken internally. To be used as incense only.

20g bag with ritual instructions.

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Weight 30 g

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