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Surprise Subscription Box

(36 customer reviews)

$49.95 / month

  1. Product Information

Limit of 1 box per person if more than 1 is purchased a refund will be issued

If you are a bath time lover & love all things lotions, potions & more this box is for you!

Filled with products that are known to relax, inspire, moisturise & just smell great.

Each month you will receive 5x trial travel products + 3x samples of other fragrances (ie lotions, body sprays, skin care, tea, aromatherapy mists etc)

Please note that this is a recurring monthly subscription that will be auto-debited each month.  You can cancel at anytime.

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Weight 1000 g

36 reviews for Surprise Subscription Box

  1. Kylie Tonkin

    Loved it! Lots of new teas to try and a nice accessory to keep and use.

  2. Jacqueline Clark

    I got the March subscription and was so surprised to get a small teapot along with two new iced tea blends these boxes are awesome

  3. Stacey Howlett

    Great deal for a great price!

  4. Ela Hallac

    I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of tea I received,, the samples are much bigger than they sound !! The extra gift is super cute and really fitted to the teas chosen as well,, I almost felt like this box was made just for me 😀 I’ve tried 2/5 teas so far and I am very satisfied

  5. Charmaine Rees

    A lovely selection and beautiful tea pot x

  6. Jennifer Charlwood

    Received my 1st subscription box and oh my was i surprised. Rose petal tea who would have thought and a cute little teapot feel so blessed. The aroma is amazing. Look forward to trying all the teas that can in the box Thank you Jade

  7. Robyn Collier

    What an awesome way to try new teas. Loved getting a surprise gift. It also has opened my eyes to trying things I would never have before.

  8. Sandra Mastello

    This is such a fun pack, a great way to try new flavours and a cute surprise each time!

  9. Rebecca Douglas

    The subscription box is so much fun. I love getting the surprise each month and the value is amazing.

  10. Emma Philp

    This was a fantastic pack !! Beautiful Tea , just loving this company

  11. Donna Wills

    I love the surprise of the tea’s

  12. Tina Mitchell

    Absolutely loved the different varieties I got and the gorgeous little Teapot

  13. Melissa Laupepa

    Such amazing value

  14. Dianne Franey

    Hi all, have tried all that were in my subscription box and it’s sooooo had to pick a favourite. They are all refreshing and delicious, even hubby enjoyed the ones that he’s had.

  15. Jade Smith

    I look forwards to seeing the suprise gifts each month

  16. Emily Nichols

    This box is amazing. I have got it 2 months in a row now and the selection of new teas is incredible. Love being able to taste an up and coming tea. The surprise of whats in it every month is great!

  17. Michelle Vinall (verified owner)

    Great value , love the teapot and the teas are divine very quick delivery

  18. Julie Hadfield

    Absolutely love the Subscription Box, I received some Tea’s I haven’t tried yet and got a gorgeous little tea pot, highly recommend getting them

  19. Karen Hansen

    Loved it

  20. Melissa Willcox

    I have loved all of the teas especially my cur little teapot. Will definitely tell all of my friends about this company.

  21. Anita Thomson

    I loved my first subscription box. I cannot wait for next months.

  22. Kellie Rollins

    Omg I love everything about it, it’s the most thoughtful little gift for my self I love it and can’t wait for it to arrive every month

  23. Alison Burgess

    I loved my teapot! I love my sample pact. My favourite is Organic French Earl Grey ❤️

  24. Jen Kolise (verified owner)

    Loved the subscription box! What a great way to sample different teas, plus I love the teapot that came with it! Definitely plan to get on a quarterly basis.

  25. Danielle Johnson

    I loved the subscription box, such great value for money and the teapot I received was beautiful

  26. Jessica Lawson

    Love it

  27. Rhonda Hall

    Loved my cute little teapot. The teas are all super yummy. My favorite is French Earl grey. Very happy customer here.

  28. Rhonda Hall

    Very happy with everything. The tea is delicious

  29. Lee Constable

    Love it

  30. Melissa Ellis

    Was extremely quick delivery and every tea I have tried is beautiful, my most favourite being the, French earl grey, was very surprised at the, Apple pie chai, I normally don’t like those types of tea, but was pleasantly surprised.

  31. Leah Wills

    I loved getting my subscription box

  32. Kylie Garzotto

    A great way to try different teas

  33. Kathy Edwards

    Love the variety of teas in the box

  34. Amy Cummings

    Love being surprised and especially love the new choco dandelion chia tea it’s my new favorite!!!!!! Hoping so bad it’s added to website soon. On my issue is I wish more info came with the box like weather which teas are caffeine free and what they are good for.

  35. Dana Larsen (verified owner)

    I love the new flavours that came in the subscription box and the bonus tea strainer. I love being able to try the different flavours that I otherwise wouldn’t try. Have found quite a few new favourites!

  36. Louise Smith (verified owner)

    Love receiving my subscription box each month… great value and love the surprise each month as well the the surprise teas.

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