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Witches Salt – Protection


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Hand blended using Australian Salt, Himalayan salt, Ash, Charcoal, Australian Grown Rosemary & Sage (dried at our own Herbal & Herbs Apothecary). We have added Crystal Quartz and Black Obsidian chips to the mix to add a extra oomph.
Salt has been used for centuries and beyond to cleanse, purify & protect ones area as well as to preserve. The colour of salt – white is a positive colour that connects you with the divine, purity, light, illumination, protection & soothing energy.
How to use:
Protecting a house – If you are protecting ones house/property you must first cleanse the property (yes this is correct.. clean as in clean the house if you have rosemary essential oil simply pop 10 drops into a bucket of steaming water and mop the floors). Once the house is clean close all doors to the house. Using your Herbal & Herbs Ritual Herbs and starting at the front door, light your herbs and work your way around the walls of the house all the way around until you are back at the front door. Ensure you are sweeping your herbs and down the walls (like a painter) so the smoke is covering the area. Once you have completed smudge out your herbs, open the door & windows to allow fresh air back into the area.  Once you have completed the above simply sprinkle around the outside of your home in a solid line (meaning you have no gaps) at the base of the walls all the way around.
Protecting a room – Put the salt into a bowl and place in the room that you are intending to protect.
Protecting a persons – Put some salt into a small bag and carry in your bag or pocket. You can also put a bag of salt in your car for protection.
Please note that as energy workers, healers & witches we all do things differently, what you are reading above may be different to what someone else has told you, this is perfectly fine. This is the training that we have undertaken and what we know works for us within our magic.

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Weight 600 g

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